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LIve This Saturday Night in Albany!

In support of their third album, A Celebration of Fury, the Last Conspirators will be making their first and only Albany appearance since their triumphant Larkfest show last fall, on Saturday July 19th, when they play the city's new rock 'n' roll landmark, the Low Beat located  at 335 Central Avenue. Show starts at 9pm with special guests Eye and I.

 This show  will also mark the Albany debut of the newly  aligned live Last Conspirators lineup as Last Cons bassist/guitarist Nick Bisanz will be stepping over into the full-time guitar role in the band.  Stepping into the bottom-end slot, on Rickenbacker bass, is Hudson Valley native Mike Grundy, who in the past has played with the bands; Leprosy, the Doverboys, and the Nick Bianz-led Lie Cheat Steal. Of course with frontman Tim Livingston and  Al Kash still anchoring it all on drums we are really excited about the live possibilities this new combination will bring and are looking forward to rocking into this, our eighth year as a live band and our tenth year as a recording unit"

 The Last Conspirators were voted by Metroland Magazine readers as the Capital District's "Best Punk Band" and they have been getting rave reviews on the new album. ALL MUSIC GUIDE "..true believers, keeping the rock & roll flame burning even if it may no longer be fashionable to do so.. coming across like an Americanized version of the Clash… the Last Conspirators.. waging war against complacency and cherishing the rebels and outsiders on the fringes of American culture. .. raging against the light, whether it's dying or burning bright.." BIG TAKEOVER MAGAZINE "If you want to know where the real songwriters in punk are this day and age, look no further".. a ’60s garage, pub rock, and Joe Strummer-fueled tempest" BLURT MAGAZINE "Joe Strummer would make these guys his new favorite band were he still alive".. Maximum RocknRoll "Seven-track effort of revolutionary rock n roll... Musically, they're in that Blasters, later period X rock & roll vein .." 

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